A Grandfather"s Prayer

Music by Rodney Jones
Photos: Misc & Rodney Jones

For my beloved granddaughter Ava...

Dear Friends -

On December 8th, 2017, my 4 year old granddaughter Ava, passed away due to a sudden illness. Most of you are aware of that an I thank you for so many heartfelt expressions of love and care from me and my family.

What most of you do not know is that on November 13, 2017 I suffered a serious injury to my left hand which has made it extremely painful and nearly impossible to play the guitar since that date. That is why I have not been posting those playing and lesson videos that I was doing prior to then.

I will be having surgery on my hand and the doctors tell me that I should be able to regain virtually all of my facility after extensive rehab, perhaps 6 - 9 months.

All lives take a journey and most are a winding road of experiences. I look at this chapter of my life as a new and beautiful opportunity to see the Holy Spirit at work in new and previously unknown ways.

So…with the hand strength that I could muster and the pain that I could endure, I played and recorded this song in celebration and memory of my beloved granddaughter Ava. As my granddaughter she was a touchstone for the deepest love, and beautiful moments that I will cherish always. As the soul that she is, she is a beautiful shining light in my universe and a part of my eternal journey of Soul into the deepest love.

So dear friends, this song is the best that I could do. If for any reason, this is the last that I can ever play, I am good with that. I would want my last notes to celebrate my beautiful Ava and her resonance that is with me always.

I am sharing all of this as I am aware of bits and pieces coming out about this and I would rather that you hear it straight from me.

I don\'t expect to post much more about my sweet Ava. Words are insufficient to convey any more. These notes share my heart and how I feel.

I am surrounded by love, good friends, a supportive family, and the presence of so many spiritual mentors within.

So as I always say...safe journeys and calm seas... With all the love there is... Rodney

With all the love there is... Grandaddy

Our Last Goodbye

Dedicated to all those who have lost a loved one especially parents and grandparents. Our loved ones live on in the worlds of God...and so do we.

With all the love there is... Rodney

Music written and performed by Rodney Jones
Guitars by David Rosenthal

Between Lives