Anyone that knows me, knows that for me, the worlds of music and the worlds of Spirit are one in the same. Music is one of the main tools that I have utilized to have "spiritual experiences". These experiences range from wonderful dreams and waking dreams, to exploring the inner worlds of consciousness. Whatever the experience, it is for a reason. That reason is to learn to give and receive Divine Love. This love transcends religions, path, teaching and ceremony. It is the experience of dwelling in the arms of the life force itself, and becoming more of what you already are. With this in mind, here is a short article about music and spirituality. Enjoy.

Safe Journeys,


The Sound Within

Sound is the creating and sustaining force in the universe, music is a personal expression of the Inner Sound, that life energy that has been known to all of the worlds religions in one form or another.

In the tradition of John Coltrane, I make no separation between the spiritual life and my life as a musician. Having been a lifelong student of the power of music and the ways in which its use and understanding can change lives

The New Age is really a term to coin the age old quest of man to know himself. This self-knowledge is at the heart all art, for arts reflects the memory of the Inner glories experienced by the Soul. I am using jazz as a bridge for self-exploration and as a window into a larger room of spiritual exploration.

Jazz has long had a spiritual connection, going back to the days of Negro spirituals, but rarely has it been spoken about. At the core of all of the music that I play is the intent to connect the listener to the Sound Current, this essence of life itself. Whether one calls it a feeling or Spirit, this essence is the animating and empowering factor in all music. I make no separation between who I am and the music I play. For jazz to evolve in the new millennium it must embrace a greater purpose than just groove or swing. I see my role as a bridge, a person standing in the breach between the meaning of the word Soul as in Soul Music and Soul Food and its meaning as that eternal essence that is each one of us. Most importantly music is a means of exploring our divine nature through the power of sound.

I sum it up this way: Music can change your life and open the doorway into a greater understanding. Listen and change!

Safe Journeys,

Rodney Jones